Ajahn Brham's Various Sydney Talks

Matters of the mind - Finding the calm in the storm

Recording of Ajahn Brahm's "Matters of the Mind" talk at the Parkroyal Hotel, Parramatta.
About the Speaker: Ajahn Brahm is a self- described meditation junkie who says meditation is better than sex. He was born and educated in the West but trained as a Therawada Buddhist monk in the East. This rare combination of Cambridge Education and Thai Forest Tradition training, together with his English humour has gifted him an unmatched capacity to reach the hearts of people at all levels.

Ajahn Brahm in Sydney

Ajahn Brahm is one of the most insightful, unpredictable, and popular Dhamma teachers in Australia and internationally. This is a teaching he gave in Sydney at the Roselea Community Centre on 3rd May 2010