Welcome to New Dhammanet

Finally, most of the changes have been completed. Hope the new look and feel is pleasing to the eye.

All the video recordings are now available on the Dhammanet Youtube Channel. Only the audio (mp3) files are now hosted on Dhammanet Server. The new  site runs on Drupal and if you've been a registered member before, and you'd like to continue bing a member, you'll need to re-register on the new website.

Few more talks need to be migrated to the new site and this expected to be completed by end of January. Please feel free to contact us with any suggestions and other comments. We now have a Dhammanet Facebook page, make use of it to Spread the Dhamma and share with your network. Also there's Dhammanet twitter to get updates and announcements. We now have a Dhammanet iTunes podcast as well. So you could listen to the latest uploads on the go

As Bhante Sujato is back, we will regularly update the Far Shore talk series.