The Body-
Once ejected from the womb, the parents look after;
Bathing, feeding, clothing and attending to every need-
Until you are old enough to take care of it.
YOU take over;
Brush, clean, trim, shape and pamper it with soothing oils and aromatic herbs, with balmy body lotions and tantalizing perfumes,
Adorn it with the most fashionable and extravagant attire complemented with exquisite jewellery studded with precious gems
Pamper it with the most delicious gourmet delights from wayside eateries, popular restaurants and posh hotels
Mesmerise it with spectacular performances on stage and exotic sights from the far corners of the world
Treat its unceasing ills, festering sores and unseemly bulges with tender care and attend to all its needs, wishes, commands and supplications with utmost dedication until one day,
It refuses everything you offer, dies and
Takes YOU
To the crematorium. The gratitude!



marian.mitra's picture

The body doesnt owe us anything - I thank my body for allowing me to touch petals and pies, to feel the sun and rain and to see the moon floating in a cloudless sky.  How could I smell the forest or know the stretch of limbs without my body?  Its old now but it has been such a good friend and helper.  These hands that have made bread and felt other bodies, these poor feet that have carried me miles on and on, these eyes that let me read and discover the buddha.  And I have never thanked them?