Greed and Green


This is the final talk in the Far Shore series for 2006-2007. Hope you have benefited from these great talks and look forward to seeing you after the rains retreat!!! 36:46mins


**Bhante Sujato has made following clarifications regarding the material in this talk(12/09/2007);


In this talk I mention a recent claim that sea level rises could be as high as 25 metres within the next century. This claim is so far outside the standard rise (usualy 59cm or so) that some people have questioned what I am referring to. For those who are interested, here's George Monbiot's Guardian article on which I based this mention:,,2117232,00.html

Here's the scientific paper on which Monbiot based his claims:

And here one of the authors of the paper, NASA's James Hansen, explains why he believes most scientists are drastically underestimating the dangers: 

One of the key points this paper makes is that it is unlikely that the ice sheets will melt gradually, as the standard models predict. Here are two articles, which appeared subsequent to the above, which suggest that the ice sheets are in fact collapsing rapidly:

And here's one ethical suggestion for what to do about it:

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