Dhammanet News

Welcome to New Dhammanet

Finally, most of the changes have been completed. Hope the new look and feel is pleasing to the eye.

All the video recordings are now available on the Dhammanet Youtube Channel. Only the audio (mp3) files are now hosted on Dhammanet Server. The new  site runs on Drupal and if you've been a registered member before, and you'd like to continue bing a member, you'll need to re-register on the new website.

Emptiness and Stillness - A Tribute to Ven. Ajahn Brahm

You can now download the commemorative ebook marking the 60th birthday of Ajahn Brahm. The book contains original material written specially for this publication. Likewise, many of the images were taken during recent Dhamma tours in Thailand, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Norway and Germany.


“It’s Not About Me!”

Short film makers are invited to submit entries 10 minutes or less in length, in any genre, to the Reel to Real Short Film Competition.

Entries must in some way reflect the theme of the 2010 competition, which is 'It's Not About Me!', in a way that, however obliquely, touches on or sets people thinking about some of the big questions raised by the way of the Buddha.